When we search online we have gotten use to the easy way. Now we can search for almost anything locally or around the world using simple terms. So let's say you need a great Handyman in Atlanta, GA Here are a few top terms you could use.

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Above All Handyman

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Above All Handyman in Sandysprings, Ga

Above All Handyman in Dunwoody, GA

Above All Handyman in Marietta, GA

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Just to name a few but we should always remember not all search results lead us to the best companies. Always research the companies before hiring them and always try and get a few estimates. And please whatever you do do not go with the lowest price that usually means trouble. Always pick the company who has verified work history, a company who is highly rated and last but not least pick a company who is detailed in the estimate.

When looking at an estimate and all you see is

Paint house 4500.00

Replace trim 600.00

Run the other way.

An estimate should be detailed with each step the contractor is going to take while working on your project.

An estimate from Above All Handyman looks similar to this

Exterior Painting


1- Sand all areas to help remove chipping, cracking paint as well as oxidation and dirt and debris.

2- Power Wash all surfaces with high pressure washer to ensure all dirt has been removed

3- CAULK and putty any cracks, holes, rough areas as needed

4- Mask all windows and any surfaces not getting painted.

5- Apply 1 Coat of Extreme bond primer from Sherwin-Williams

6- Apply 1 Coat of Duration Paint from Sherwin-Williams ( color to be chosen by home owner.

7- Remove all masking and tape from the home

8- Cleanup all trash and debris from site and remove everything from the property

So with that you would know each step to be taken to make your home beautiful and allow your paint to last for years to come.

We are not all created equal. When looking for a handyman give Above All Handyman a call 470-68HANDY